Is Astrology the same as it was a few hundred years ago? More often than not, people misunderstand Astrology for what it truly is. There are many common misinterpretations people make when it comes to reading the stars and planets. Over the years, our astrological studies show a large gap between real Astrology, and how society understands it today.
When considering the afflictions of the eternal soul on this worldly plane, most astrologers restrict themselves to the use of prediction-based Astrology. In addition to this, they also use other solution-based systems like vastu, gemology, yaagam and japam. While these methods help in generic ways, they are rarely permanent solutions. All of these merely provide peripheral support. Yet, they still do not address the root of the problem- they do not support the soul’s journey in a holistic way.

Science vs Tradition

Since ancient Vedic times, because of our paarampariyam (traditions), we dutifully visit temples and perform the appropriate rituals. Our collective faith in paarampariyam has stood steadfast for centuries.

We accept the Divine Truth that sustains paarampariyam as infallible, as it is taught and passed on by the spiritual masters. Although these are beneficial, they are not in any way a panacea or substitute for self-knowledge.

Without self-knowledge, our belief systems are incomplete.
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The lack of true self-knowledge is what leads us to use the ancient art of Astrology for avaricious purposes, expecting only low-hanging fruit and super-fast results. Such is the situation today, that makes even turning towards the Divine difficult for the common man The world led by material sciences makes the human mind increasingly diversified, focusing on too many things at once. Eventually this constant agitation causes us to move further away from the Divine.

For example, ancient medicine prescribes giving bitter medicine mixed with honey. In this case, both honey and the medicine are good for our health. But today, science gives us sugar-coated capsules instead. This complicates matters unnecessarily, when we know honey is a healthier alternative to processed sugar. There are many examples like this. We have lost our vivekam (originality) by neither taking medicine directly nor with honey- instead, we readily use these sugar-coated capsules without question.

Astrology too, is something like medicine and honey. The Vedas are analogous to pure medicine (without honey), and prediction-based Astrology is like the sugar-coated capsules of the modern world. When we use Astrology the right way, it helps us understand what our current levels in life are, and where we have directed our actions. In order to understand how our actions affect our lives, there is a simple formula-

Future Action = Past Action + Present Action

The Right Approach to Astrology

Those who exploit beliefs for money stop Astrology from becoming what it is destined to be, a divine tool and spiritual guide for mankind. We mustn’t use Astrology only for our mundane, selfish and worldly needs. As such, Astro Life Sciences sees it as our duty to rescue the art of Astrology from centuries of abuse and misuse. This is work that needs to be done so that real Astrology can help those who desperately seek it.

Today, society sees Astrology as a last resort. People usually seek out astrologers only after they encounter major problems in their lives. It is at this juncture do most people see the importance of Astrology. To add to this, people also believe that all their problems will be solved once they meet an Astrologer. This is only partly true.

Any remedy recommended by an astrologer is simply a measure of safety. These remedies must not be seen as the only principles on which we should lead our lives. Since it is the accumulated karma in our souls that causes problems, a simple remedy can’t solve the entire complex of our karma patterns.

The universal, eternal rules of the Divine govern Astrology. However, technological advancements have affected our mindsets in negative ways. As a society, we fail to grasp the underlying knowledge of the ancient art of Astrology.

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