Today, people use Astrology to check daily, monthly or yearly zodiac horoscopes, predictions for marriages and careers- including even mundane aspects like what vehicle to purchase.

All of us have expectations, some of us more than others. Most of us put in the effort required to meet these expectations. However, there are always those who, without putting in any work, still expect results. As a result, they end up miserable when they do not get what they want. It is this category of people that tend to see Astrology as a means to an end, to fulfil their heart’s desires and nothing more. It is a self-serving approach that does not recognize the Universal soul for what it truly is. When our self-knowledge grows, so do our perspectives and way of thinking. The most immediate effect of this atma-anatma jnana (self-knowledge), as is taught to us even in the sacred Upanishads.

Charlatans easily prey upon such ignorant believers, who have not yet learnt what true Astrology is. They thrive off this blind belief in Astrology that many have. With their guileful words and deplorable intentions, they easily lure in the lazier ones, setting them up for further disappointment. These charlatans and frauds steal people’s wealth with phony rituals and false remedies, and trick people into thinking that they are actually safe and free from their problems, when in reality, they are not. As providers of Astrological services ourselves, it devastates us to see that there is no way for the common man to tell a real Astrologer from a fraud, especially in these trying times.

The truth is, Astrology is much more than knowing one’s future and horoscopes.

Many millennia ago, our ancestors were part of a flourishing civilization. Well versed in the art of Astrology, yogis, sadhus, pandits, and astrologers used this knowledge to help people, making society a better place. Over time, regrettably, the footprints of these divine practices are lost, obfuscated, or fragmented.

Use Astrology to Understand Your Life Purpose

The Vedas are a Divine gift to help us understand our purpose in life. If the Vedas hold the secret to a happy and peaceful life, then Astrology is the key that opens these secrets to those who seek it. In this way, it is also a guide towards Divinity.

Astrology has survived the test of time by rooting itself deeply into the hearts and minds of humankind. Even in the Golden Age of King Vikramaditya, Astrology was a means of social justice in the royal court. Fast forward to today’s materialistic world, in which this age old practice has seen a slow, yet definite deterioration in terms of respect and popularity. The fundamental principle of “Seeking out the Divine” has vanished, leaving Astrology reduced to simply ‘looking into the future’.

Without awareness of these Truths, society falls behind in its attempt to cope with the hardships of reality. The knowledge our ancestors left us remain untapped.

Apart from Astrology, there are many other forms of support and Divine Wisdom, such as Numerology and Gemmology. But these fields too, are merely surface relief, and not the complete package. The simple fact is, without repenting for our sins- both in our past lives as well as our present lives- and without acknowledging God’s Will, there can be no true relief or happiness.

We must refrain from seeing Astrology as a means to our materialistic ends. If we indulge in Astrology with this attitude, we either face failure, or create more problems for ourselves.

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