Astrology is an ancient art form, a gift from the Divine for mankind- to help improve our lives here on earth.

The word Astrology is derived from two Greek words – “Astra” meaning “a star”; and Logos, which means “logic or reason”.

Astrology is based on the principles and laws as it is interpreted through the stars and planets. Our Universe is filled with a wide range of astonishing energies. Astrology is not just about faith in something. It mixes science and intuition, magic and mathematic, cycles and symbols. It is centred around the actual planets in the sky, and their seasons. They are “real” to the extent that their movements can be scientifically predicted.

Astrology also helps us foretell events in the future, which can be done precisely and in great detail, when we employ this science to its fullest expression. Through this, we can make necessary changes in our lives.

However, it is important to note that almost anyone even with a basic understanding of Astrology can make ‘predictions’. Because of this, the science of Astrology is judged by testing the accuracy of the astrologer’s ability. This is not the ideal way to use Astrology. If Astrology is sought out and used in its true sense, it takes us beyond fulfilling simple life aspirations and leads up to spiritual awakening, and God realization.

“Astrology is the root to fulfil your past and present karma, and attain eternal happiness.”

Across the world, research is carried out to improve of add information to this ancient art. But truth be told, Astrology is already a complete tool with which we can simplify our lives.

At Astro Life Sciences, we follow the fundamental basics of real Astrology. This way, we are able to do more than just provide solution for trivial, worldly needs and desires. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go to achieve this.

Interpreting Astrology

As Astrologers, our task is to interpret Astrology through the arbitrary divisions we have created in society- that is, according to caste, religion, language, region and other traditions. Across the world, each culture has their own ideas of lifestyle choices, acceptable marriageable ages, professions and more. However, Astrology as an Art and Science is Universal, and cannot be bogged down by regional variations.  

Therefore, seeking solutions to problems on this basis reveals an arrogant and close-minded approach to Divine Truth. Such malicious practices are tantamount to walking down an imaginary road to a city that does not exist.

To interpret the stars and planets accurately, the best Astrologers possess the Divine Clarity to do so. It is this clarity that allows us to understand and link questions and problems from the point of view of the Eternal and Universal.

Astrology in the Modern World

Astrology is often misunderstood by the general population. It is those who exploit beliefs for monetary benefit that stop it from becoming what it is destined to be- a divine tool for mankind.

Astrology should not be used for mundane, selfish and worldly needs. As such, Astro Life Sciences sees it as our duty to rescue the art of Astrology from centuries of abuse and misuse. This is work that must be done to ensure that real Astrology can it help those who desperately need it.

Today, Astrology is seen as a last resort. People usually seek out an astrologer only when they encounter major problems in their lives. It is only at this juncture do most people see the real importance of Astrology. To add to this, people also believe that all their problems will be solved once they meet an Astrology. This is only partly true.

Any remedy recommended by an astrologer is simply a measure of safety. These remedies must not be seen as principles on which we should lead out lives. Since problems in this life are caused by accumulated karma in our souls, which may be previous births, a simple remedy can’t solve the entire complex of our karma patterns.

Astrology is governed by the universal, eternal rules of the Divine. However, technological advancements have affected our mindsets in negative ways. As a society, we fail to grasp the underlying knowledge of the ancient art of Astrology.


The Truth About Astrology Today

Is Astrology the same as it was a few hundred year ago?
What are the common misinterpretations people make when it comes to reading the stars and planets.
Through our study of basic astrological truths over the years, we observe a large gap between the fundamentals of Astrology and how it is understood and practiced today.

When considering the afflictions of the eternal soul on the worldly plane, most astrologers restrict themselves to the use of prediction-based Astrology. In addition to this, they also use other solution-based systems like Vaastu, gemology, yaagam and japam. While these methods help in generic ways, they are rarely permanent solutions. All of these merely provide peripheral support. However, it does not address the root of the problem- it does not support the soul’s journey in a holistic way.

Since ancient Vedic times, because of our paarampariyam (traditions), we dutifully visit temples and perform the appropriate rituals. Our collective faith in paarampariyam has stood steadfast for centuries. We humbly accept the Divine Truth that sustains paarampariyam as infallible, as it is taught by the spiritual masters. Although these are beneficial, they are not in any way a panacea or substitute for self-knowledge. Without self-knowledge, our belief systems are incomplete. This is what leads us to using the ancient art of Astrology for avaricious purposes, expecting only low-hanging fruit and super-fast results. Such is the situation today, that makes even turning towards the Divine difficult for the common man.

The world led by material sciences makes the human mind increasingly diversified, focusing on too many things at once. Eventually this constant agitation causes us to move further away from the Divine.

For example, ancient medicine prescribes giving bitter medicine mixed with honey. In this case, both honey and the medicine are good for our health. But today, science gives us sugar-coated capsules instead. This complicates matters unnecessarily, when we know honey is a healthier alternative to processed sugar. There are many examples like this. We have lost our vivekam (originality) by neither taking medicine directly nor with honey- instead, we readily use these sugar-coated capsules without question.

Astrology too, is something like medicine and honey. The Vedas are analogous to pure medicine (without honey), and prediction-based Astrology is like the sugar-coated capsules of the modern world.

When we use Astrology the right way, it helps us understand what our current levels in life are, and where we have direct our actions.

In order to understand how our actions affect our lives, there is a simple formula-

Future Action = Past Action + Present Action


How to Use Astrology

Today, Astrology is used almost exclusively to check daily, monthly or yearly zodiac horoscopes, or predictions for marriages and career- including even mundane aspects like what vehicle to purchase.

All of us have expectations, some of us more than others. Most of us put in the effort required to meet these expectations. However, there are always those who, without putting in any work, still expect results. As a result, they end up miserable when they do not get what they want. It is this category of people that tend to see Astrology as a means to an end, to fulfill their heart’s desire and nothing more.

Charlatans easily prey upon such ignorant believers, who do not know what true Astrology is. They thrive off this blind belief in Astrology that many have. With their guileful words and deplorable intentions, they easily lure in the lazier ones, setting them up for further disappointment. These charlatans and frauds steal people’s wealth with phony rituals and false remedies, and trick people into thinking that they are actually safe and free from their problems, when in reality, they are not. As providers of Astrological services ourselves, it devastates us to see that there is no way for the common man to tell a real  Astrologer from a fraud, especially in these trying times.

The truth is, Astrology is much more than knowing one’s future and horoscopes. Many millennia ago, our ancestors were part of a flourishing civilization. They were well versed in the art of Astrology. Yogis, sadhus, pandits, and astrologers used this knowledge to help people, making society a better place. Regrettably, the footprints of these divine practices were either lost, obfuscated, or fragmented over time.

The Vedas are a God given gift to help us understand  our purpose in life. If the Vedas hold the secret to a happy and peaceful life, then Astrology is the key that opens these secrets to those who seek it. In this way, it is also a guide to Divinity.

Astrology has survived the test of time by rooting itself deep into the hearts and minds of humankind. Even in the Golden Age of King Vikramaditya, Astrology was a means of social justice in the royal court. Fast forward to today’s materialistic world, in which this age old practise have seen a slow yet definite deterioration in terms of respect, and popularity. The fundamental principle of “Seeking out the Divine” has vanished, leaving Astrology reduced to simply ‘looking into the future’.

Without awareness of these Truths, society falls behind in its attempt to cope with the hardships of reality. The knowledge our ancestors left us remain untapped.

Apart from Astrology, there are many other forms of support and Divine Wisdom, such as Numerology and Gemmology. But these fields too, are merely surface relief, and not the complete package. The simple fact is, without repenting for our sins- both in our past lives as well as our present lives- and without acknowledging God’s Will, there can be no true relief or happiness.

We must refrain from seeing Astrology as a means to our materialistic ends. If we indulge in Astrology with this attitude, we either face failure, or create more problems for ourselves.

Ask the Right Questions

When it comes to posing our questions to the Divine, not all questions are equal. Questions like, “How will my life be this year?”, or “When will I be successful?”, or “When will what I long for take place?” are questions centred around our material lives. They betray a surface level understanding of what answers Astrology provides. In many ways, such self-centred lines of questioning is also an insult to this ancient art.

Astrology is more than a tool to satiate our mundane needs and wants. As long as our interests are confined to such surface level aspects, we will only end up in greater confusion and more problems.

Let us investigate this a little further. For any problem, arriving at a working solution requires truly understanding the problem. So, why is it that so many view Astrology in this unsound way?

Every day, as a society, we stray further and further away from Divine Justice, and consequently, further away from Truth. In this rapidly changing world, the secrets lying within the ancient Art of Astrology, though fragmented, remain unchanged and untainted. Unfortunately, we our belief and faith are at levels that are too low to access these Divine Truths. 

Nowadays, people tend to believe their lives are predestined. Because of this, they only  take important action in their lives according to the ‘correct time’ as per what their Astrologer tells them. For such people, when things do not work out as planned, they resort to worship and ritual based remedies. They are yet to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning of Life and Fate.

Truth be told, there is no guarantee that our lives are exactly how our horoscopes predict they will be. This “Fate” that is described by our horoscopes is as true as the fact that we can change it through the power of our Will. Astrology is not only to peek into our future, but also to learn how to alter it for the better. This can only be done by looking at Astrology through a bigger lens, considering all its teachings and complexities. Indeed, Astrology is much more than just horoscopes.

So how can we overcome this rigid mentality towards Astrology?

The answer is simple. Faith. Faith is essential for worship. Likewise, in order to remedy the troubles in our lives, we must first truly connect with our souls. For a clear and pure conscience, one must reach deep into their soul. Only by following this, can we easily tune into the Divine and better our lives.

By doing this, not only are we more open to Divine Intervention via Karmic Action, but we also strengthen our minds and souls. When are minds and souls are pure, we can be assured happiness even in our next life.

Astrology is beyond space, time and human understanding. If we use it properly, with a pure conscience and in accordance with the Divine, we are guaranteed happiness and success.   


Understanding Astrology

While Astrology may be the solution to most problems, how many of us truly understand it? Can we consider ourselves truly educated in this science? Are we even prepared for such an education?

Every single one of us is programmed in such a way that as long as we get what we need, we do not look into the details. As soon as we finish something, as soon as the ‘usefulness’ of an object has run its course, we toss it away without a case. Well, unless and until the need for it rises again. Disappointingly, Astrology is also treated the same way.  

It is a basic human psychological need to wish for a problem-free life. This can only be obtained through Astrology, the Divine practice that is unbiased and impartial, indeed, a boon to all of mankind. But, in order to truly taste the benefits of Astrology, it is important that we realize and understand its foundation and basic principles.

Faith does not mean we stop our pursuit of self-knowledge. This quest must not end at any cost. As we grow in our understanding of ourselves, so too we grow in our understanding of the Divine.

Founder of Astro Life Sciences, RK, explains to us the importance of this aspect-

“From my 25 years of expertise in the field, I know how important Astrology is for society. I wish to share with you all my long and tedious analyses in Astrology, the changes that I went through because of them, the things I have seen, and the myriad of useful perspectives that I gained through them. I have mentioned earlier that some of the questions, doubts, ciphers, and enigmas in this art used to disturb me incessantly. Although I had a fairly good knowledge of Bhagavat Gita and Kumaraswamiyam, I could not push myself to simply have blind faith in the concepts of Astrology.

This was mainly due to the political and social beliefs I held as a young adult. As a result of that, unless and until I developed a clearer picture of what was what, I remained lost and restless. But despite all this, I never lost sight or hope. I kept embarking on various expeditions in the vast sea of Astrology. All the questions that rose in my mind may seem simple or even trivial but in fact, they are topics to be discussed in detail and things to mull over.”

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