Astamangala Prasnam is the ultimate tool of Prasnam as well as Astrology.

The Astrologer chooses to do an Astamangala Prasnam for which it must be performed. For this an invitation with betel leaves, coins, etc. must be given to Astrologer. The Astrologer will then formally accept the invitation and fix an appropriate Mukurtha for Astamangala Prasnam to begin. He will then study the invitation (the Prucha; the betel leaves) and observes omens at the time of invitation.

On the day of Prasnam, the performer must come to the Astrologer’s place and take him formally to his place. He will then perform the Prasnam in their house for a minimum of two days, three days or to a maximum of a week. The Prasnam process gives answers to a lot of questions. The Astrologer will keep presenting spiritual interpretations of karma and other related activities. He will observe the omens as we proceed.

At the end of the Astamangala Prasnam, Astrologer will deliver his final understanding of karma and tell’s where karma stems from. All answers will lead to self-realization which makes life prosperous forever and buries past karmas behind, once and for all. It is self-realization and subsequent follow up through own behaviour and activities that will lead to success in life!

It is used in various problems. Such as, sandana prasanam, vivagam prasanam, stala prasanam, deva prasanam.



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