 Deva Prasanam must be read in conjunction with the Nimithas. There are good as well as bad omens to every incident or event. Nimitha is the omen that signal’s upcoming event that is either good or bad.
 Dark clouds covering the sky informs (omen) us upcoming rain. A full moon day could signal the rise of tidal waves than normal. Blooming flowers and trees indicates us change in seasons. All these are Nimitha in sense of something either good or bad that is going to happen.
 We live in an inter-connected world where each and every object’s life forms are connected. Our soul is connected with all life forms. It vibrates, resonates and responds in complete harmony. There are incomprehensible connections between objects and lives.
 In music, a rightly tuned guitar string would vibrate in harmony, with certain key of Piano, when chord is correctly held by a musician, he becomes a legend. Thus is the connection between objects and lives.
 An Astrologer here is the one who understands this connection. He is not someone who looks at a printed horoscope and predicts. He pledges himself into nature so as to read these omens or signs and interprets them according to Nimitha Sastra.
 All Nimitha’s must be noted, Nimitha before Prasnam, Nimitha during Prasnam and the Nimitha after Prasnam. Both Subha and Asubha Nimitha are read and interpreted by the Astrologer. If a temple has witnessed some Asubha Nimitha (bad omens), it can affect entire locality.
 So, an Astrologer who performs Deva Prasnam with dedication, spiritual discipline and right knowledge can only read Nimithas correctly, interpret them and alleviate chances of further troubles.
 With 20 years of experience, our Astrologer is one of the best and the most experienced in performing Deva Prasnam. He has performed innumerable number of Deva Prasnams throughout India.


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