A Chinese proverb says that a child’s life is like a blank sheet of paper, which, by time starts bearing the mark of anyone taking an active part in its life. A botheration that weighs heavily upon a person at the twilight of his life is not that of financial nor of any other resources, but it is of his child and the quality of his child that is capable of impacting generations to come. Unfortunately, not many parents have the brains to realise such huge responsibility that is on their shoulders.

It is a prominent state of mind nowadays in society to take financial resourcefulness to be a prime factor to face anything in life. But the question is what kind of generation would it create?

And so long as we nourish and guide them keeping with our wishes the child learns everything by default without even realising what are its heartfelt desires.

These superimposed false identities will become an unnecessary burden at a point in time when it realises its passion deep down. This realisation stamps down mercilessly the spark to fly high and achieve greater things and condemn him to live in his self-made prison. The driving force or the motivation must always be inward.

Spirituality or any science of self-strengthening cannot be imposed forcefully. It has to spring from inside, like a perennial source of strength, so deep, so forceful. Education, a suitable job and a lifestyle that economically enables him to meet the end is all fair until a disaster until the fate of his hand decides to crush him.

It is all good until life is a bed of roses, but when roses turn into thorns, he must have the grit to fight through the difficulties and endure the pains. This cannot be achieved only by the tools of education. In contrast, it makes him internally weaker instead of moulding him more strongly.

There is more to life than how much scholarly education can equip someone. A child will face a course of misery from the past birth and parents must prepare the child to go through the period of difficulty to help them realise God and their soul. This should also be a part of their learning so that they become adults who have developed soul- strength.

There was once a butterfly after passing its larval stage, was on the stage of pupa and all its growth cycles are achieved inside the pupa, for an outside observer it appears as if the butterfly is struggling to get out of it, once a merciful man happened to see this and took it to struggle of butterfly, and in the act of saving the butterfly took out the underdeveloped the butterfly, thereby arresting its whole cycle of development.

Though an age-old story, there is an undeniable truth underlying it. We are like that merciful man in the act of helping out the children who are arresting their metamorphosis. The development happens only the hard way, through sweat, toil and pains. As an old English proverb goes, “A smooth sea never makes a skilful mariner”. It must spring from inside, and it will spring from inside only when the education is after their heart’s desire, and based on their inborn capabilities.

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