Without knowing our real nature and the truth of our existence we can never find real peace. To know the Self is the most meaningful quest in each one’s lifetime.

Faith does not mean we stop our pursuit of self-knowledge. This quest must not end at any cost. As we grow in our understanding of ourselves, so too we grow in our understanding of the Divine.

The ‘atma-anatma’ jnana (self-knowledge) taught in the Upanishads describes humans as the ‘sons of immortality, amrithasya putra,’ to remind us of our true nature, which is the atma (soul) within and not the perishable body. In the light of this Eternal Truth, it is our spiritual duty to ask ourselves questions such as ‘Who are we? Where do we come from? What is the purpose of our life? etc.’ Only contemplation and meditation on such issues help us develop a correct perspective of ourselves- in relation to the cosmic scheme of things.

Self knowledge has Universal Value

All other knowledge is related or dependent and is inferred from this. We breed spiritual ignorance of our true nature when we disregard self-knowledge. We tend to associate the “I”, the self, with our physical bodies. This is a misconception caused by ignorance of our true self. We develop unhealthy attachments to the world around us. This is what is the root cause of all problems. Without self-knowledge, we remain in bondage, caught helplessly in the cycles of birth and rebirth.

Founder of Astro Life Sciences, RK, explains to us the importance of this aspect-

“From my 25 years of expertise in the field, I know how important Astrology is for our society. I wish to share with you all my long and tedious analyses in Astrology, the changes that I went through because of it, the things I have seen, and the myriad of useful perspectives that I have gained through it. I have mentioned earlier how some of the questions, doubts, cyphers, and enigmas in this art used to disturb me incessantly. Although I had a fairly good knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and Kumaraswamiyam, I could not push myself to simply have blind faith in the concepts of Astrology.

This was mainly due to the political and social beliefs I held as a young adult. As a result of that, until I developed a clearer picture of what was what, I remained lost and restless. But despite all this, I never lost hope. I continued to embark on various expeditions into the vast sea of Astrology. All the questions that rose in my mind seemed simple or even trivial at first, but in fact, they were important topics to be discussed in detail and things to mull over.”


Click here to read the story of RK, founder of Astro Life Sciences.

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