Before starting any astrological inquiry, there are certain aspects we must keep in mind.  If all these requirements are fulfilled, Astro Life Science is better suited to provide the answers you seek. In order to do this, there are 3 simple rules to follow.

Rule 1: Is the date and time of birth correct?

The exact time of birth is not always accurately recorded. Human errors can be made in the process. Even if it the proper time of birth is noted, there is a debate as to whether the exit of the head alone or the complete body should be considered the baby’s time of birth. In Astrology, the time of fertilization is also considered as the time of birth. Astrologers use the time of delivery as a method to estimate the time of fertilization. Through this backdating process, the exact time of birth can be arrived at. can be backdated The time of fertilization is always in a certain proportion to the time of delivery. This is the method we use at Astro Life Science, which enable us to make accurate predictions about the future.

Birth Time Rectification

Predictions made over an incorrect rasi or horoscope serves no purpose. Therefore, birth time rectification must be done immediately after childbirth, to ensure accurate predictions. We advise getting the time of birth rectified first, before any astrological inquiry. There are many reasons to rectify your date and time of birth so that it is as accurate as possible. By finding the correct date and time of birth, we can avoid future confusion. Astro Life Science also offers Birth Time Rectification services. Click here to learn more.

As the stars in the sky are always moving, a difference of even 2 to 3 minutes can have a big impact in a chart. For example, the predictions based on a person’s Lagna, Moon and Nakshatra positions can be inaccurate, if the birth time is wrong.

Rule 2: Is your astrological report comprehensive?

If you are the head of your family, we suggest seeking out a comprehensive report for the whole family, that is, your partner and children. The people surrounding us have a huge impact on our individual horoscopes. Therefore, to get the best understanding of your horoscope, it is advisable to obtain an analysis of your family’s horoscope as well. This comprehensive approach provides a better picture oof the situation, and can be a faster way to get to the root of the problem at hand.However, the same is not required if you are only seeking a general family report.

Rule 3: First read your general report.

Before any questions can be asked, ensure that you have first obtained a general astrological report. For any inquiry to be meaningful, only a general report gives us a base from which we understand ourselves, and our place in the world. It is of utmost importance that we learn about ourselves, our lives and our courses through life, through a general report. For all aspects, whether it is family, business or otherwise- an analysis of each one of these aspect in your general report is crucial.


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