It is not advisable to go into any sort of business deal with friends, relatives or anyone else, without first ascertaining their real intentions. Unfortunately, it isn’t only strangers who are capable of underhanded and untrustworthy behaviour. Even people who we think we know well may have something to hide.

In order to move forward with confidence, one needs to be assured that their business partner is trustworthy. Thus, it is important to first establish a solid, legal agreement beforehand.

This is especially important when making business purchases. Everyone involved in the business is responsible for ensuring its success. For example, if there are payment defaults or any other problems, the entire business suffers as a result.

For these reasons, we highly advise an intensive astrological analysis before entering any kind of business partnership. If we choose the right person to go into business with, we can go ahead without fear of betrayal or any other issue.   

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