Property disputes are some of the most common legal issues in courtrooms. Many people have disagreements over property with relatives, neighbours or problems arising from sale or purchase. To be sure, the amount of time spent in court battling such cases is a cause for unprecedented stress and anxiety. Not to mention the financial toll legal cases take on individuals and families.

Astro Life Science uses Vedic Astrology to analyse birth charts and horoscopes, in order to find solutions for such disputes. Very often, we find this is due to afflictions in the fourth house. The fourth house in one’s chart pertains to property matters. Any negative placements here will result in property disputes and related problems.

Our experienced Astrologers are here to guide you through such legal battles. Through our report, we pinpoint the karmic causes for your problems, and suggest remedies for the same. If this is done in advance and appropriate action is taken in time, the issue need not become a court case at all. If you are facing any property dispute troubles, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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