When we are younger, during the time we decide what degree to study, we don’t always take all factors into consideration. One of the main mistakes is to choose a field unsuited to our personality. There are all kinds of reasons for choosing a career path. Some people might be forced into fields they have no interest in, some may pick subjects they lose interest in as time passes. We see more and more people who switch fields at later stages in life. Why does this happen?

While it feels unpredictable and random, it is actually because we do not understand ourselves properly. As a result, we often pursue careers that are unsuited to our personality. Very often, we see cases where an individual’s personality at home and personal affairs is vastly different from their professional personality. However, this isn’t easy to realize. We may assume we are the same in all situations. Again, this is due to a lack of self-knowledge.

Astrology helps us bridge this gap. Self-knowledge is divine knowledge. And through the wisdom of the divine, we can steer our lives in the right direction. It is in our best interest to pick a career and field that suits our personality. This way, we can shine bright, reach greater heights of professional success and live authentically. Astro Life Science offers Career Personality Reports. We analyse your birth chart and horoscope and recommend the best fields for your personality.

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