Today, everything in this world has a price. Education is easily one of the most luxurious assets that anyone can have. Even the admissions for an average kindergartener cost at least 1 lakh rupees; the course fee for an undergraduate or a graduate costs much higher.

Most colleges and universities, even schools, encourage the not-so-affluent demographic with awards and scholarships. Banks on the other hand give out loans and most of the student population make good use of it. The numbers of those who are denied of the financial support is still great and a significant portion of these poor people are left with no choice but to discontinue their education and go seek out low paying and menial jobs so as to make both ends meet and/or settle their loans and debts.

Astro life science helps you in knowing whether or not you can avail scholarships, awards, and/or loans that would aid in your or your loved ones’ educational ventures. We take it a step further by analyzing the horoscopes of those who have tried to get such supports and failed, and guide them through the sashtras in astrology.

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