A large section of young Indians, aged 18 to 30, are science or engineering graduates. Despite this, hardly 40% of these graduates work in the same field. For example, students in core engineering streams like civil, electrical or mechanical, often end up in unrelated fields, such as Banking, IT and even the Film and Media industry. There are also several cases in which graduates quit jobs based on their educational qualifications, to pursue other interests. Naturally, switching fields at a later stage in life involves some risk.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. In some cases, parents force their children into careers unsuited for their personality. In others, students pursue degrees which hold little interest for them.

Every individual is born with an innate passion towards something- whether they are aware of it or not. It is in our best interest to avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong academic and career path. The trick is to introspect, find what truly interests us, and take appropriate action towards it.

At Astro Life Science, we analyze your birth chart and horoscope and recommend the right field to pursue. These are based on an individual’s personality to help each one achieve professional success.

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