Education is essential to thrive and survive in today’s world. Though some of us are good at academics, others excel in other areas. It is important to realize that academic excellence isn’t the only indicator for a happy and successful life. However, without a basic, strong foundational education, children cannot succeed in life. No child can afford to miss out on the language, communication and numerical skills required for a successful personal and professional life.

Whatever the chosen field of study, a well-rounded education is essential to grow and contribute to society. There are all kinds of hurdles for a good education. In many cases, they are avoidable distractions that affect a child’s focus and overall academic journey.
What are these obstacles that stand in the way? An astrological analysis offers deep insights into the past, present and future karma, that has a bearing on our destiny.

Astro Life Science’s General Education report serves this purpose. Regardless of the educational level- school or professional degree, we prepare reports for a comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weakness with respect to educational pursuits.

Based on Education Report

Mindset Analysis

In today’s modern world, there is a plethora of distractions for students. These new challenges the internet and social media present combine with other aspects of life- friends, first loves, late-night chats and extracurriculars. Together, they are unprecedented obstacles to academic success. As all parents know, any distraction makes a child lose focus and perform below their potential.

It is important to note that it is never entirely the child’s fault. Adolescence is an exciting time, and to be sure, academics is never the only way to measure success. Children are only human, and prone to human faults. Of course, there are a few who are able to maintain their focus on concentration. However, for the vast majority of young students, parents face a big challenge.

Every parent wants their child to perform will in school. But it is equally important to accurately gauge the personality and mindset of a child. By doing this, we set realistic expectations and allow them to shine authentically, in line with their true selves. It is the foremost duty of parents and guardians to develop a child’s self-knowledge and foster holistic growth.

Children are inevitably distracted by different things. These distractions take on different forms at every age. The key factor is realizing their actual level of interest in a subject. When there is real interest, distractions naturally fade away. To put it simply, when a child is interested in what learn, they are less likely to be distracted. Therefore, the real problem is not the distraction itself, but the level of genuine personal interest. Astro Life Science helps you to identify a child’s problems and effectively deal with distractions through the power of Vedic Astrology.

Best Subject Stream

A large section of young Indians, aged 18 to 30, are science or engineering graduates. Despite this, hardly 40% of these graduates work in the same field. For example, students in core engineering streams like civil, electrical or mechanical, often end up in unrelated fields, such as Banking, IT and even the Film and Media industry. There are also several cases in which graduates quit jobs based on their educational qualifications, to pursue other interests. Naturally, switching fields at a later stage in life involves some risk.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon. In some cases, parents force their children into careers unsuited for their personality. In others, students pursue degrees which hold little interest for them.

Every individual is born with an innate passion towards something- whether they are aware of it or not. It is in our best interest to avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong academic and career path. The trick is to introspect, find what truly interests us, and take appropriate action towards it.

At Astro Life Science, we analyze your birth chart and horoscope and recommend the right field to pursue. These are based on an individual’s personality to help each one achieve professional success.

Best Learning Style

Teachers, gurus, educators- as the saying goes, a rose by any other name smells just as sweet. Teachers impart precious knowledge unto children. This knowledge is not just intellectual, but also emotional. They teach ethics, values, comprehension and foster competence in young minds.

Almost everyone dons the role of a teacher at some point in their lives. It may be helping a colleague or showing a friend how to perform a particular task. In some countries, children are taught in informal settings, such home-schooling or individual tuition. Not all children respond well to formal settings like schools or colleges. Depending on their individual personalities and interests, some teaching methods work better than others.

Certain professions do not require formal education. Only when we understand the mindset and predispositions of students can be design the best curriculum and teaching methods for them.

Astro Life Science takes care of this aspect, so you can plan the best educational journey for yourself, or your child.

Competitive Exams

In order to qualify for certain jobs or degrees, many institutions conduct competitive exams. The nature of these exams is unlike regular school term exams or college semester exams. They require a different kind of approach and therefore, a different type of mindset.

Certain competitive exams, like government exams, can be notoriously difficult to pass. While they may not be the ultimate test of a person’s intelligence, knowing how to crack these exams is key to achieving our professional or academic goals.

Clearing competitive exams is never only about subject knowledge. There are a lot more aspects involved. Everything from the individual’s aptitude, temperament and learning style plays into the final results. In the end, it comes down to the performance in the exam hall. How a person deal with exam stress, workload and time management all matter. For intensely competitive exams, it can come down a matter of one or two questions.

Through Astrological analysis, we understand ourselves and thus, the realistic chances of clearing competitive exams. Additionally, along with the report, Astro Life Services provides advice and suggestions for your future, based on a comprehensive analysis of the birth chart and horoscope.


Overseas Studies

Many of us dream of studying abroad. For the lucky ones, this dream becomes a reality. An education abroad changes life in permanent, lasting ways. However, it isn’t an easy process. Sometimes it involves challenging financial commitments and long-term loans.

Naturally, all this makes families nervous to make big investments. But of course, all parents want their children to have the best opportunities possible.

Is there a possibility for overseas studies for your child? What does the future hold for your child’s education? Astrology helps us unveil these secrets and enables us to take action.

Astro Life Science explores the feasibility and potential outcome of education overseas. In order to help this process, we prepare Astrological Reports according to the position that relates to studies and academic performance. Because these require intricate calculations, our reports are based on Vedic Astrology to ensure accurate readings with practical advice, whatever the situation may be.

Scholarships & Awards

Depending on the field of study, a good education is expensive. This is especially true if we dream of studying abroad. Not all families can afford the high course fees that the top colleges charge.

In order to overcome this financial obstacle, many colleges, institutions and even NGOs give out scholarships to deserving persons. This is by no means an act of charity, as these worthy students contribute back to society through their achievements.

Applying for a scholarship is a daunting process. There is a lot of uncertainty and hence, insecurity and fear. In some cases, the insecurity is so high that one does not even apply for the scholarship. Astrology helps us overcome such fears. Through a detailed study of your birth chart and horoscope, we analyse the supporting placements and advise the best way forward.

Similar fears and anxieties arise when waiting for the results of any Award. What does the future hold? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and discover what the stars hold for your future.

Exam Mindset

All types of minds make up our society. Because of this, every classroom has different kinds of students. Every student has their unique personality and learning style. As such, their performances vary according to their individual skills and capacity.

Despite their sincere efforts, some children have trouble doing well in exams. No matter how hard they try, they always fall short of people’s expectations. While some simply write this off due to a lack of effort, this isn’t always the case.

There are many factors that attribute to this problem. While we can easily identify and tackle certain problems, there are other causes that require deeper analysis. If we understand the mind of a child better, we understand their approach to studies and exams better.

Astro Life Services’ reports are based on Vedic Astrology techniques. These take into account the birth chart and horoscope to gain deeper knowledge into the mindset of the child. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to solve a problem. Astrology has answers to the feasibility of all human endeavours, including the extent of one’s academic performance.

Educational Loans

Today, almost everything in the world comes at a price. Of these, a good education is easily one of the most luxurious assets anyone can own. Considering the rising costs of school and colleges fees, many of us have little choice but to take loans.

While there are several schools, colleges and universities that award scholarships to deserving students, not everyone gets this opportunity. For these reasons, banks offer educational loans to families, so that their children get a good education, at a good institute.

Unfortunately, there are still those who do not qualify for bank loans. Owing to the number of people who apply for loans, it comes as no surprise. Often we attach our dreams and plans onto the hope that the bank will give us a loan. However, the reality is this doesn’t always happen.

In order to avoid the pitfalls and uncertainties of bank loans, Astro Life Services provides birth chart and horoscope reports that analyse the potential outcomes. This helps families ease their worry, and effectively plan for the future. Additionally, we compare the horoscopes of individuals in similar positions, for a better understanding of the situation as a whole. With the power of Vedic Astrology and the shastras, we guide families through this challenging period.

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