Astrological reports involve the intricate calculation of birth time and astronomical positions. These are done for the welfare and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.

A general report captures the essence of our life forces, in relation to the cosmic plane. It gives us an introduction to the different aspects of the astrological significance of our birth in this reality.  

Ever since the dawn of the universe, life has continually evolved. First arose the stars, and over millions and millions of years, we human beings. , in order for this to happen. Because of this evolutionary principle of the Universe, life designs itself as an endless cycle of births. This cycle intertwines with the divine essence of the Universe. All life that ever was, ever is and ever will be, dances an eternal cosmic dance with the stars, the planets and the heavens around us. We are one cosmic family.

The driving force in this divine process is reproduction and family life. Therefore, there is wisdom in the stars that can guide every unique family to God-realization, material and personal success.

Reason why Married / Family man should take General Report

One should know the truth that after marriage your horoscope will not change .

But the effects & reflections resulting your wife’s and Children’s horoscope will definitely reframe and affect your resultant factors of your horoscope.

For eg. Your horoscope will have very good scope in Business , but in your wife’s horoscope the , scope of business of her husband is said to be defective , here when u see the horoscope of yours the astrologer would say a positive scope but when you don’t include your wife’s and children the result would be different .

You should have a question why ?

Because one’s deeds are the reflections of present horoscope but in the current birth your deeds would change and its reflections would get altered based on your family member’s horoscopes.

So it is always advisable to include your family members ( ie. wife and children) to fetch the result of yours .

Here the report analysis will be made by taking your family members horoscope but the resultant report will be only about you and for you and not for you family members .

Based on your family member’s horoscopes your Individual Report will be Generated .

We can derive accurate results only when we can also take your family member’s horoscope ,apart from (2+1) each additional horoscopes to be considered will be charged rs.1000 / horoscope.

You will be prevailed to ask 3 questions about you 2 questions about your wife , 2 questions about your child to the astrologer directly .

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