No man is an island, as the saying goes. Intimacy and long term relationships are the foundation of our evolutionary growth as human beings. Love, sexuality and marriage are some of life’s fundamental aspects. Because of its crucial importance for the happiness of mankind, Vedic Astrology devotes considerable attention to these areas.

Marriage is a source of deep fulfilment for both partners. In both the mental and physical plane, it enhances our life experience. Indeed, life feels incomplete without it. However, this is possible only when there is true understanding, acceptance and unconditional love. Only when we fulfil these conditions, couples can weather any storm, and celebrate the joys of life.

Therefore, given the level of significance, it has in our lives, marriage can also be a source of uncertainty and worry. Embarking on a life long journey with another person naturally makes one anxious. There are many questions and concerns people have about married life. Most of these doubts are about financial stability, children, relatives and in-laws, or understanding between the couple.

Astro Life Science’s General Marriage Report covers all these aspects and more. Our analysis gives you a comprehensive report on your marriage or marriage prospects. Love is a divine expression, and blessed is a union in harmony with the wisdom of the Universe.

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