No couple is without problems, regardless of whether they are big or small. As a social institution, long term relationships and Marriage has existed for centuries. Therefore, sometimes all it takes to solve a problem in the present, is to simply look into the past. Through this process, we needn’t make the same mistakes. Instead, when we learn from the mistakes of others, we can take precautions to safeguard our relationships. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

There are certain common problems that most couples face. Some of them include-


  1. Infidelity

As unfortunate as it is, infidelity is a common problem in relationships. Infidelity includes both physical and emotional cheating. They can even be in the form of online relationships on the internet. The duration of the affair does not matter, as all infidelity brings sorrow and despair. Often, the damage it inflicts on a relationship can be irreparable. Trust is a delicate thing, which takes years to build, and sometimes just a few minutes to destroy. Only with great effort and understanding, can couples overcome infidelity.

The main cause of infidelity is either physical or emotional unfulfillment. Intimacy is indispensable in long term relationship. Identifying and acknowledging the cause behind this feeling of unfulfillment before it develops into an affair is the key. In order to do this, couples must communicate openly and freely, in ways that make them feel safe and heard.

When we look at the kind of friendships we cultivate, the common factor is likely to be similar values and beliefs. We bond with people who see the world in similar ways. Values and beliefs define how we behave in the world. For example, our spiritual views, our lifestyle and habits are strongly influenced by our values and beliefs.

Therefore, it is important for couples to be on the same page when it comes to their values and beliefs. Naturally, there may be some differences that don’t cause foundational problems. However, some differences are too major to ignore. These are usually the core values and beliefs we hold.

  1. Values and Beliefs

Couples that have too many differences in their values and beliefs tend to face problems. For example, if a couple shares different religious beliefs, over time they may get tired of doing things separately, such as going to different places of worship. Therefore, we must be wary of potential problems in these areas. A couple must do things together regularly to keep their bond alive and strong.

Too many differences between a couple’s core beliefs and values effect how children are raised in the family. Because everyone doesn’t grow up with similar value systems, beliefs and morals, there can be a lot of room for conflict.

  1. Life Changes

In the excitement of wedding festivities and all the novelty that comes with it, couples tend to overlook many factors. Many couples do not consider the different stages of Life as time goes on. This short-sightedness creates problems later on in the marriage. When we marry someone at say, 25 years old, neither we nor them are the same at 35, or 45 or 85 years old. The different stages of Life have to be taken into account for a successful marriage.  

  1. Traumatic Situations

Every once in a while, Life presents us with certain traumatic situations. These are moments that take a heavy emotional toll on us as humans. And so naturally, for married couples, this can affect their relationship. To grow up means to learn how to handle such difficult situations. It requires a certain level of maturity that only comes with age.

In such situations, couples need to support each other more than ever. Not everyone learns how to handle traumatic situations. If they are too co-dependent, they may not know how to function without one another.     

Depending on the kind of trauma, the couple may do well to seek professional advice. Very often, couples who do not handle difficult situations well eventually spiral into chaos, until the relationship becomes unsustainable as a source of despair. Instead of what it should be, a strong pillar of support

  1. Stress

All kinds of situations cause stress within a relationship. Since every individual and couple is different, they respond to stressful situations differently. It could be anything from financial struggles, familial disagreements or mental health troubles. Often one doesn’t know what triggers stress. It could be slow fatigue and dissatisfaction that manifests itself over time. Inefficient methods of handling stress creates more stress, a bit of a catch-22 situation. Couple who do not learn how to manage individual and shared stress find it a burden on their relationship in the long run.

  1. Boredom

Boredom is an underrated but serious marital problem. Over time, some spouses find themselves tired of the same routines, year after year. When things become predictable, boredom follows. Novelty and new experiences is what keep things interesting. Otherwise, couples risk losing the spark in their relationship. A little spontaneity from time to time is a must for any marriage to remain happy and without issues caused by boredom. Family vacations, taking a new class together, picking up a new hobby or activity together are great ways to keep a relationship fresh.

  1. Jealously

Jealousy turns a marriage sour quite easily. The root of jealousy in a relationship lies in a lack of trust and security. Insecure partners need constant reassuring, and this takes a toll on both partners. In some cases, partners may behave in unacceptable ways to show their feelings of jealousy. The strain on the relationship becomes too much to bear, and restricts the other partner. The stress that follow can be detrimental to a healthy marriage.

Astro Life Science offers Astrology Reports that help identify and address any problems a couple faces. Our techniques use Vedic Astrology to analyse your birth charts and locate areas of potential stress and tension. When couples know each other well and understand the nature of their relationship, they handle most any difficulty with ease. In fact, with every problem they overcome together, the marriage grows stronger and stronger.

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