When a marriage takes place, it not only brings together two individuals, but also two different families. As such, it isn’t always possible for all close and extended relations of the couple to get along smoothly. Very often, other relations cause problems for the couple.

These days most newlyweds choose to stay separately from their parents. However, there are still many marriages in which the wife moves into the husband’s home after the wedding. It is in such cases where the problems with in-laws or other interfering relations begin to happen. Privacy and compatibility issues are the most common of these. Often the only solution is for the couple to move out and live separately.

Astro Life Science offers Astrology Reports that help identify and address any problems a couple faces with other relations in the family. Our techniques use Vedic Astrology to analyse the birth charts and horoscopes of all persons involved. Such an analysis not just locates areas of potential stress and tension, but also provides the best solutions to solve such problems.

Prevention is always better than cure. When couples are aware that certain areas are prone to problems, they take the right steps to avoid and resolve any such issues.  

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