1. Debts and Financial Commitments to Parents

Parents do everything in their power to give their children a good education and the skills to live a happy and successful life. This naturally involves heavy expenses, as a good school and college are far from inexpensive. This is the essential cycle every family strives for. As parents educate and support their children financially, so too their children support their children, and so on and so on…

All this requires astute financial planning, for which financial literacy is vital. Not every couple knows how to spend and save wisely. It is difficult to financially support children and also ensure enough is left for retirement. In such cases, parents become dependent on their children, even as their children start new families and have new financial commitments. This can cause friction between family members with respect to money matters.

Money is a source of many problems within family members. More importantly, if not addressed properly, financial problems harm even the happiest of marriages.

2. Controlling Parents  

There are certain parents who want to control their children, irrespective of their age. Even when their child is married, they cannot let go. This over-controlling behaviour eats into the independence of their child. This is problematic as they have no control over their own lives. As a result, it directly affects their spouse as well. Though such parents mean well, it is like caging a bird that needs to fly free.

Parents condition their children to listen to them from a very young age. Therefore, not every child knows how to break free from the excessive control of their parents. They suffer silently as the frustration builds over the years. Eventually, it spills over into their marriage, and things get messy. Parents should realize there are certain boundaries they mustn’t cross when it comes to their child’s marriage. This is one of the most complicated sources of friction in a marriage, as it involves not the couple themselves, but their parents.

Astro Life Science offers Astrology Reports that help identify and address any problems a couple faces with their parents. Our techniques use Vedic Astrology to analyse the birth charts of all the individuals involved. This analysis locate areas of potential stress and tension, as well as provide the best solutions to  solve such problems. Prevention is always better than cure. When couples are aware that certain areas are prone to problems, they take appropriate action before things get out of hand.

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