Intimacy and relationships play a crucial role in our overall happiness. Our Life experienced is enhanced when these areas are free from troubles. Indeed, Life is sweeter when Love is abound.

Marriage is a long term relationship that requires maintenance and upkeep. Just like any other living being, it needs nurture and tender love and care. As we water plants everyday and feed our bodies with nourishing food, so too our relationships need nourishment.

We never stop changing and growing as individuals, even after marriage. After all, no man steps into the same river twice. Neither man nor the river remains the same forever. This is because the Universe is constantly flowing with divine energy. We must learn to flow with it, or face the consequences of rigidity and stubbornness.

As the saying goes, a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. 

After marriage, couples change as individuals. This is a natural process, and one need not be fearful of it. Change is the only constant in this Universe. Therefore, the nature of a couple’s relationship and the life they build together changes as well. If they are not adequately prepared, couples face problems in their marriage.

The nature of life’s problems keeps changing too. Trouble arises in any aspect of married life- intimacy, communication, understanding, children, financial, career, extended family members, and so on. Couples feel stressed and anxious, and live in fear of the next problem and what effect it has on their marriage. However, this need not be the case. If there is  understanding and acceptance, problems can strengthen a marriage instead of harming it.

Astro Life Science’s After Marriage Couple Analysis covers all these aspects and more. Our report gives you a comprehensive report on your marriage journey. It highlights any problematic areas and identifies what aspects require attention. Vedic Astrology techniques chart out the past, present and future for deeper, holistic interpretation and knowledge.

We highly recommend an After Marriage Couple Analysis Report for couples facing marriage problems, as well as those who want to take preventive action and strengthen their relationship.  

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