Unfortunately, not every couple weathers the storms of marriage. Very often, the problems spin out of control .When this happens, the only solution seems to be a Separation or a Divorce. These measures may be temporary or permanent, but either way they’re a source of despair. To be sure, this is an exceptionally troublesome and unpleasant position to be in. Not just for the couple, but the family as a whole. Things get more complicated depending on the length of the marriage, or if the couple has children.

Why do so many couples end up in this situation? The problem lies in each one’s individual karma. Along with this, most couples don’t do an in-depth study of their birth charts. A proper analysis of the relationship and compatibility avoids such problems. Many astrologers only look at basic aspects like the Sun Sign and Moon Sign for a couple’s compatibility analysis. This is a woefully insufficient, not to mention an inaccurate way of going about such important life decisions.

If you find yourself in such a situation, Astro Life Science offers reports that analyse the difficult situation you are in from every aspect and every angle possible. Using the power of Vedic Astrological techniques, our report guides you through this tough period, as to what measures to for the best possible outcome.

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