A General Report is the first essential report you need, before any other astrological report.

Astrological reports use ancient techniques to interpret the wisdom of the stars and planets. The main purpose of a General Report is to understand the basic personality of a person. It shows what kind of person one is, and even who one is going to be in the future.

What defines our personalities?

The nature of our past lives and past karma is the major cause of problems in this life. Not all of us are born into the same circumstances. This happens because past karma ingrains itself into our souls. Thus, when we are born, we are born in situations that reflect this. As individuals, we have our own lives, bodies, attitudes, perspectives and ways of thinking.

For every person there are natural difficulties and natural strengths. If you like to play cricket, and you go for it, and get your knees wounded. if someone tells you not to play cricket, you will go on with them if you are scared. but if want to play anyway, and if you have thirst, then won’t get tucked into others’ words and will surely play with all safety precautions the next time. but if there are many factors affecting you from the beginning even if you have the thirst, then you must decide which one is important for you.

So, we have to analyze all the factors of your horoscope. And general report helps in this.

Our General report contains:

Who you could be ? and not who you are now ?

We give a unique report from various astrologers who involves your horoscope into research with each sector.    We generate report based on SWOT analysis

Which depicts your Strength , Weakness, opportunity & Threat .

if you are not a family man, you should take individual report.

If you are a family man, then family report is the best for you.

general report for individual :

→Once you have registered you are Eligible to get the General Report
→Only after getting the general report you can get the other specific reports
→In generating a general report we will be able to know about your base life structure.
→Only based on this your specific reports your questions can be answered.
Eg. Buying a house
→Explanation : when you ask your astrologer if my horoscope says if I have the opportunity of buying a house . His answer might be yes or no
→If yes you go buy the house .
→But do you know the further effects that would reflect to you because of buying that house here how can you blame the astrologer .
→He has just answered your question but how long was the answers justified
→Here , what Our astrologers do is – by getting the basic information each of our astrologers will work in each base to generate your General Report.
→Each Astrologers work on each sector ,
eg: Education , Career, Health, marital status ,etc..
→So one can get an accurate result only based on the general report .
→No astrologer can give exact solution or prediction without knowing your horoscope in detail .
Eg : When you ask your astrologer about your Education your horoscope should be progressed in detailed and not about education in general .
→We should first analyze or scan your base structure and only based on that your further details can be generated .
→So it is important to generate the general report first .
“Your questions can never be answered based on your curiosity.”
→It has lots of procedures to be involved
→So think how accurate the predictions will be when you get it within a short span
→We don’t give futuristic answers we give Holistic answers



purchase general report

general report for family:

⇒One should know the truth that after marriage your horoscope will not change .

⇒But the effects & reflections resulting your wife’s and Children’s horoscope will definitely reframe and affect your resultant factors of your horoscope.

For eg. Your horoscope will have very good scope in Business , but in your wife’s horoscope the , scope of business of her husband is said to be defective , here when u see the horoscope of yours the astrologer would say a positive scope but when you don’t include your wife’s and children the result would be different .

You should have a question why ?

⇒Because one’s deeds are the reflections of present horoscope but in the current birth your deeds would change and its reflections would get altered based on your family member’s horoscopes.

⇒So it is always advisable to include your family members ( ie. wife and children) to fetch the result of yours .

⇒Here the report analysis will be made by taking your family members horoscope but the resultant report will be only about you and for you and not for you family members .

⇒Based on your family member’s horoscopes your Individual Report will be Generated .

⇒We can derive accurate results only when we can also take your family member’s horoscope ,apart from (2+1) each additional horoscopes to be considered will be charged rs.1000 / horoscope.

⇒You will be prevailed to ask 3 questions about you 2 questions about your wife , 2 questions about your child to the astrologer directly .



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