There are a lot of problems that a person will face that are beyond his control.  Delay in marriages, struggle in leading a healthy marriage life, broken relationships, problems in childbirth, punishments, prolonged court cases, etc.

Such a problem might not be the results of your actions but it might be of many previous births. Destiny makes people suffer and makes a person realize the divine will take you through the law of cause and effect.

It is important to understand the hidden cause of the problem because unless we find solutions through the proper method these effects will chase us. After all, the karmic imprints of the soul from many cycles of birth will affect your life in the current birth.

Prasanam is an important component in a horoscope that can help us find out the hidden problems of a person. Prasanam is applied in Astrology to figure out the hidden causes that may be way beyond a few generations but through Prasanam one can easily get to the root of the problem.

Even if it comes from many cycles of birth, the impact, cause, reason, the strength of the problem can be analyzed through Prasanam efficiently.

Through prasanam, we can also find out the strength of the soul and the path it chooses to travel. We may remain in misery at times to get into the cause of any problem that we are experiencing, at times we would wonder why do we experience such problems and for what reason?

we may feel confused about the question of do I deserve such a hard way of life? Everything was fine till now?

The answers to such questions can be found with the help of prasanam.

If you are stuck in a phase of life where you are not able to make sense of your time, luck and feel everything is going wrong despite how hard you try, Prasanam will help you get through the phase by giving you a clearer picture of the reason and remedy.


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