Aruda Prasnam is performed under two scenarios.
The first one is performed when we want to find answers to specific questions such as our lost items, people, specific requests, etc. Here, the Astrologer uses the concept of Nimitha to predict. He uses betel leaves, coins, cowrie shells, omens from nature such as the time we meet astrologer, etc. to make predictions. He can give us right answer or point the right direction from where we could obtain our requirement.
The second scenario is when we have problem for long time and want to know the cause of it. we can even ask questions regarding our children, career, future etc. for which answers will be given after the Prasnam. Problems from our present (birth) and past (birth) are analyzed by astrologer also, karma incurred through ancestors. The Astrologer is vigilant while performing this and he takes note of all Nimitha’s. He makes a divine connection with the Almighty to brings out answers.
So, Aruda is a shorter version of the Astamangala Prasna which is quite an elaborate one. We can arrive at answers to some of the most troubling questions in our life through an Aruda Prasna. For Aruda Prasna, even horoscope is not required. If we don’t have one, we can still take an appointment for an Aruda Prasna.


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