In Vedic Astrology, the jathakam, or a detailed horoscope report, is one of the most important reports. It is based on birth time and place of birth. Jathakams use this information to prepare different charts for the various aspects of a person’s life.

Vedic Astrology doctrines and principles are based on the placements of the stars and planets in the sky at the time of birth. Astrologers calculate these positions through the 27 fixed stellar constellations.

Jathakam is the most important document in jyothisham or astrology as it helps astrologers understand and explain the various events encountered by an individual during his lifetime. A jathakam is done for overall personality analysis, or for a particular event at a certain time.

A detailed report provides deeper insights to better understand any situation. The time factor also plays an important role for predicting results. Any prediction made from the basis of a detailed horoscope report or jathakam gives more accurate results. This is because it takes into account the placement of planets in a particular house, its relationship and combinations with other planets in the chart. The entire Universe is in dynamic equilibrium with itself. Every planet influences the other, depending on its nature, its movements and the planets’ ruler.

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