Loosely speaking, muhurtha is the time in which an activity begun will have the most chances of success. In a more real sense, it is the time in which all the cosmic forces, as well as planetary alignments, will have positive vibes centred in such a way that an activity that is done at that time will have a high probability of being smooth and successful.
Time has its own personality. There is a time for everything – for genesis, for growth, and for the grave. As such, there is a time to begin an activity and a time to end it. You don’t sow during the harvest season simply because that is not the time for it. Even if you do, all your energy and resources will be wasted away. But before we go any further into the concept of muhurtha, we need to have a basic understanding of how things work around us.
Timing is everything Tiruvalluvar says,

A crow will overcome the owl during the day time;
So the king eyeing for victory over his enemies must have the right time.
No matter how powerful, famous, wise or rich you are, you have to wait for the precise moment to do the things that you wish to do. A camouflaged tiger that is about to pounce on its prey has a window of opportunity that lasts less than a couple of seconds; a fraction of a second early, the prey would see it and run away, a fraction of seconds late, the prey would have a slight head start, enough for it to live another day.

Muhurtham Report Process
Direct clients can come in to fix Mukurtha for any occasions like marriage, naming babies, ear piercing, tonsuring, betrothal functions, housewarming ceremonies, etc. We turn everything in your favour by choosing the right time for these activities.

Direct clients are those who have taken general reports and have Prasna performed. Mukurtha is fixed for those whose complete horoscope and Prasna status is known to the Astrologer. Bypassing a few tools and seeking remedies is not possible in Astrology.
If you are fixing a Mukurtha, you need to know if the particular activity will be successful. In order to understand if a particular activity will be successful for your horoscope, we need the general reports and the Prasna results combined.

We will consider all important factors before making right predictions on when to start a particular activity.

What Is The Benefit Of Identifying Muhurtham?

Only this decides the auspiciousness of the time of starting something and ensures full support of the situation during that time. The scope for this is limited or unlimited depending on the time available for muhurtham fixing.
Good muhurtham has the power to force and take you in the right direction, and all the doshas of the planets can be nullified. If the muhurtham is not identified rightly then it will take you in a different direction.
If calculated it needs to be done right or else left to karma. If calculated wrongly it can be counterproductive. So when using sasthram we need to be very careful. Like how seeds are sown at the right time and season, we will apply the analogy for any action. Time, space and matter become the priority.
Right time and place is important. Muhurtham works beyond jathakam and prasannam, to help in the right direction, this assures in the form of an important (parihaaram) remedy in one’s life.

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